Important Ways CBD Oils Can Benefit Health

CBD (cannabidiol) is among the over 100 cannabinoids that can be found within cannabis. It has been researched a great deal, largely because of the numerous medical applications it boasts. However, there are more than just therapeutic qualities that have piqued massive interest in cannabidiol of late. It is worth noting that CBD does not create the “high” that cannabis does, thereby rendering it useful and safe for medical patients who might otherwise eschew the substance in fear of the mind altering prospects linked to THC and similar cannabinoids.

When an oil is characterized by CBD dominance, it is known as a CBD oil. But the precise concentration of CBD vs. THC can run a fairly broad spectrum, depending on the maker of the product in question. Either way, CBD oil has been proven to yield an array of benefits that have the potential to facilitate a better quality of life for a broad rance of patients.

Some key benefits experienced by users of CBD oil include:

1. Reduced Pain

Among the most lauded attributes of CBD oil is its ability to relieve pain, otherwise referred to as its analgesic quality. It is believed that CBD works in conjunction with brain and immune receptors to alleviate inflammation and discomfort. A study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, among others, has shown that CBD oil and can does lower the level of inflammation seen in rats and mice. However, rodents are not alone in seeing these types of benefits. A study done in 2008 showed CBD providing noticeable pain relief, but not the unpleasant side effects of other treatment methods.

2. Seizure Fighting Qualities

A seizure is something that happens when a substantial change in the brain’s electrical activity takes place. Recent history has shown a series of notable cases in which CBD’s seizure-fighting properties have been on display. However, it was not long ago at all that scientists were able to firmly establish the connection. A double-blind, random, placebo-involved trial reported in the New England Journal of Medicine examined the impact of CBD on patients with Dravet syndrome. This condition involves epileptic seizures that tend to come on in the presence of fever. Study participants given CBD realized a significant drop in the frequency of their seizures.

3. Anti-Anxiety Effects

Though it is often the case that CBD is utilized as a means to address physiological manifestations, a building volume of research is showing that it is effective in treating an array of mental health complaints, anxiety among them. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo discovered that CBD lowers subjective types of anxiety in noticeable fashion, prompting scientists to suggest that CBD can be effective in helping those with social anxiety disorder because of its impact on the paralimbic and limbic areas of the brain.

4. Cancer Battling Agent

Studies have also shown that CBD is useful in the fight against cancer. CBD and ancillary substances within cannabis have been proven to possess a tumor-battling component that boost tumor cell death in patients with leukemia and colon cancer alike. Also, studies reveal that CBD can halt cancer spreading in cases of cervical cancer. Of course, it must be said that CBD studies involving cancer patients are pre-clinical in nature, and therefore are not performed on human subjects. Thus, even though the preliminary findings appear positive, they do not represent scientifically conclusive evidence of CBD’s anti-cancer effectiveness.

5. Lower Diabetes Danger

Not everyone realizes it, but CBD oil also aids in reducing the risk of diabetes. The journal Neuropharmacology published a study in which scientists attempted to examine how CBD would impact female mice that were disposed to developing diabetes, but that were not obsese. A mere 32 percent of the subjevt mice who were given CBD ultimately developed diabetes, whereas all of the untreated mice were diagnosed with the condition.

The bottom line is that CBD oil has a great deal to offer in the medical world. It is an effective treatment for an array of health complaints. Though the benefits listed above is not intended to cover all of the exciting possibilities, it underscores some of the most important wans in which it can prove helpful.

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